Presentation: How Corporates are Scaling up Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

SkyNRG, powering BoardNow, was invited to present at World Aviation Festival. Our colleague Stephen Wetmore (business development) shared: How Corporates are Scaling up Sustainable Aviation Fuel – returning, refuelling, resilience.

Watch the below presentation to see how:

  • The disruption of COVID-19 can reshape the aviation industry’s transition and pace towards a more sustainable future
  • Businesses are critically aware of their role in society – now more than ever, wanting to go beyond recovery and are looking for pathways for a decarbonised and sustainable economy.
  • This new collective of passenger attitudes, business needs, and climate considerations are not waiting for 2050 – but are returning to flying by fuelling a transition to renewable energy (SAF) to make real in-sector carbon reductions, making our economies more circular, creating new jobs, building resilient communities, ensuring food security and water surety, and protect our biodiversity.




Stephen Wetmore, or

Maxime Molenaar

Leaders from around the world are stepping up by choosing to reduce emissions, innovate and accelerate. By participating in Board Now they commit to flying on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), thereby reducing their travel emissions and supporting the growth of an industry that provides a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Organizations looking to reduce their emissions from aviation can become a member, regardless of country or industry.

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