Earth Day: A Day To Take Action

Earth Day is a reminder that we should not only be thinking sustainably but, even more importantly, acting sustainably. Especially with businesses becoming more aware of their role in society, it is vital that they look for pathways for a decarbonized and sustainable economy.

COVID-19 has presented a unique opportunity for businesses to look inward and assess how sustainable their activities were in the first place as well as what they were already doing to address them. The disruption of COVID-19 provides the chance to actively reshape the aviation industry’s transition and pace towards a more sustainable future. It is time to take advantage of this.


Going Beyond Carbon Offsets

There are many ways in which companies can reduce their carbon footprint, the most widely known being carbon offsets. And while carbon offsets are a valid way for companies to take their first steps into reducing their environmental footprint, to truly make an impact it is necessary to go beyond offsets. Looking towards stimulating in-sector carbon reductions and contributing towards the aviation industry’s resilience can be one such way.

This new collective of passenger attitudes, business needs, and climate considerations are not waiting for 2050 – but are returning to flying by fuelling a transition to renewable energy (SAF) to make real in-sector carbon reductions, making our economies more circular, creating new jobs, building resilient communities, ensuring food security and water surety, and protect our biodiversity.


Board Now: A Direct Solution To Reduce Your Footprint

Programs such as our Board Now program allow businesses to take action to reduce their carbon emissions. Not in an indirect way, but as an in-sector, in-aviation ecosystem, to the benefit of all in air travel. By agreeing to fly on SAF, businesses such as Microsoft, SkyScanner, Etraveli, and PwC are taking the lead in addressing their Scope 3 (and Scope 1) emissions and taking true, direct action to reduce their carbon footprint.

Plus, SkyNRG is able to guarantee the sustainability of the production, system, allocation, fuel refining, and use of SAF through the support of its independent sustainability Board, RSB certification for trusted reporting, and Global NGO network. Allowing businesses to rest assured that the #sustainableaviationfuel they’re flying on is truly sustainable.


Curious about how you and your business can be part of the story of decarbonizing the aviation industry by helping scale up sustainable aviation fuels? Back in September, during the World Aviation Festival, our own Stephen Wetmore explained exactly how and why we expect corporates to scale up sustainable aviation fuels.

Watch the full presentation here: