Our story

Board Now brings together a coalition of forward thinking companies that want to reduce emissions, innovate, and accelerate our way to a sustainable aviation future. The Board Now program is an initiative of SkyNRG: the global market leader for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) solutions. SkyNRG takes care of everything from supply, quality and traceability, to marketing and funding. Together, we can enable the energy transition in aviation. One production plant at a time.

Why did we start this program?

The impact of aviation on our carbon footprint is substantial and growing rapidly. Without timely action, aviation could consume up to 27% of the global carbon budget by 2050. We strongly believe that SAF, made from renewable biomass, is the only way to significantly reduce the aviation industry’s carbon footprint in the foreseeable future. But today, there is only one refinery in the world producing SAF on a continuous basis.

By participating in Board Now, members commit to flying on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), thereby reducing their travel emissions and supporting the growth of an industry that provides a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Together, we can secure demand and build the case for new refineries.

The more members join, the bigger our impact will be.

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