The Program

Board Now brings together a coalition of forward thinking companies that want to reduce emissions, innovate, and accelerate our way to a sustainable aviation future. Board Now is an initiative of SkyNRG: pioneer and global leader for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).


The impact of aviation on our carbon footprint is substantial and growing rapidly. Without timely action, aviation could consume up to 27% of the global carbon budget by 2050. We strongly believe that SAF, made from sustainable feedstocks such as waste oils from biological origin, agri residues or non-fossil CO2., is the only way to significantly reduce the aviation industry’s carbon footprint in the foreseeable future. But today, there is only one refinery in the world producing SAF on a continuous basis.

In addition, although prices have significantly come down in the past decade, sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) are still more expensive than conventional jet fuels. At present, sustainable aviation fuel is approximately two to three times more expensive than regular fossil jet fuel, depending on the feedstock, technology and the set-up of the supply chain. The price premium, the price gap between SAF and conventional jet fuels, has been the biggest challenge limiting large scale uptake of SAF to date. The lack of scale and the lack of stable and effective policy in turn maintain the price premium.

To overcome this chicken-and-egg problem and bridge the price gap with conventional jet fuels, SkyNRG has initiated Board Now

The workings

Increasingly, organizations around the world are looking to reduce the carbon emissions related to their activities. Business travel and cargo can be a large source of those emissions, yet options to reduce them are limited.

By participating in Board Now, members commit to flying on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), thereby reducing their travel or cargo emissions and supporting the growth of an industry that provides a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

Based on their carbon footprint and ambition level, members set a target for carbon emission reductions or fuel replacement. SkyNRG calculates the corresponding amount of SAF for which the member will absorb the premium. Rather than purchasing the physical fuel, members can claim the sustainability benefits of the SAF volumes. A third party auditor annually verifies the delivery of the SAF and corresponding carbon footprint reduction, which the member can use to reduce its business travel or cargo carbon footprint.

Together, we can secure demand and build the case for new refineries. The more members join, the bigger our impact will be.