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These pioneers support the Board Now program

We want to grow the Board Now membership as fast as we can, to maximize impact and speed up the energy transition in aviation. To do so, we believe that building partnerships with strong international organizations is key. Partners support the Board Now program beyond a commitment to fly on SAF, by providing access to their knowledge and network.

Would you like to know how your company can fly on sustainable aviation fuel and support a sustainable aviation future?

“By giving organizations the practical tools to reduce their climate impact while also demonstrating real environmental and social responsibility, Board Now is poised to become a game-changer. RSB is proud to partner with Board Now to give truly sustainable aviation fuels wings in the fight against the climate crisis”.    

Rolf Hogan, Executive Director, RSB

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“Given the ClimateWorks Foundation’s commitment to driving deep decarbonization of the aviation sector, including policy support for truly sustainable aviation fuels, we are proud to be a launching NGO partner of Board Now”.    

Amy Malaki, Associate Director, Transportation, ClimateWorks Foundation

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“Joining Board Now as launching partner aligns with our ambition to lead by example: our global operations are carbon neutral, we take responsibility for the business-related air travel of our 300 employees, and we commit to invest in sustainable aviation fuels with SkyNRG’s support. We believe that investment in sustainable aviation fuels, together with the support of high-quality emission reduction projects, is a powerful way for companies to significantly reduce the climate impact of air travel – which often represents a large share of corporate GHG footprints”.    

Natalia Gorina, Commercial Director, Global Transportation, South Pole

Video testimonial Natalia Gorina

“At Vertis, we are very enthusiastic about Board Now because it brings us the opportunity to make our air travel more sustainable. It is great to achieve this going hand in hand with corporations who want to take the responsibility in reducing the emissions impact of their flights, while contributing towards the production of sustainable aviation fuel becoming a reality in Europe.”.    

Gauthier Bily, Deputy CEO, Vertis Environmental Finance

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“Climate Neutral Group is proud to be a partner of the Board Now Program! The Board Now Program works towards a durable solution for sustainable air travel. Climate Neutral Group believes in stimulating innovation for a more sustainable aviation sector. Together with offsetting of the remaining emissions we have a full circle solution”.    

René Toet, Managing Director Climate Neutral Group


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Would you like to know how your company can fly on sustainable aviation fuel and support a sustainable aviation future?