Reduce your company’s carbon
footprint from air travel

Board now

What is Board Now

A coalition of forward-thinking companies

Members of the program aim to reduce their carbon footprint from business air travel, or freight by flying on sustainable aviation fuel and supporting the growth of an industry that provides an alternative to fossil fuels by enabling new production facilities. Together, we enable the energy transition in aviation.


Why Board Now

To travel the world and leave one
for generations to come

To travel the world and leave one
for generations to come


Go beyond compensation and reduce your carbon footprint from air travel by flying on SAF.


Have real impact by enabling the first dedicated facility for SAF in the world.


Lead the way and help build an industry that provides an alternative to fossil fuels.

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) made from renewable feedstocks is seen as the necessary solution for the commercial aviation industry to reduce CO2 emissions.

SAF is a liquid and clean substitute for fossil jet fuel, made from sustainable resources like waste oils and agricultural residues. In its neat form, the use of SAF can result in a carbon emission reduction of 85% compared to fossil jet fuel and has a positive impact on local air quality.


Currently, there is only one refinery in the world producing SAF on a continuous basis. Together, we can and need to push now to grow the market for SAF and reach climate goals.

The program


Set your ambition

Based on your carbon footprint and ambition level, you determine what SAF volume you want to commit to fly your staff or cargo on.


Become a member

You sign-up to the Board Now program and absorb the premium of 500+ metric tons of SAF a year.


Secure, enable and deliver

Together we secure demand for SAF and enable a new SAF production facility. Once it is up and running, we deliver SAF to a nearby airport.


Fly and claim

An independent 3rd party auditor verifies the delivery & claims, and we provide you annual impact reports.

Project DSL-01

Good news! The first project where Board Now members can help to build the business case is under development.

"DSL-01" will produce 100k ton RSB certified sustainable aviation fuel per year and brings a carbon reduction of up to 85%.

Become a member

Join the pioneers

Join the pioneers

We are looking for strong Members that will join us now and set the stage for corporate leaders to follow. The more members join, the bigger our impact will be. These forward-thinking companies preceded you.

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